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18 tips for choosing the best protein type

best type of protein

Are All Proteins Equally Suitable for Muscle Building?

It depends on whom you ask this question.
Many vegetarians will tell you that plant proteins are just as good if they are not better than animal proteins, and if you ask stubborn bodybuilders this question it is ridiculous to increase weight based on a plant-based diet.

” They know and in response they say to you, “How many vegetarians do you know who have a large body?” Exactly. “

You have to eat meat for your growth ‌!
“But who is right in the middle?”

Is there anything special about animal proteins that makes them specific for building muscle?
Are plant proteins inherently deficient in some way and not suitable for building muscle?
And finally, what kind of protein should we consume to be able to build muscle in the most efficient way?


1.The importance of having protein in your meals

plant base protein for your muscles

What is protein and why is it important?

Protein is a combination of several other molecular chains called amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body. When you eat protein, the body breaks it down into its building blocks (amino acids) and then absorbs it to make it.

New proteins are used in the body. These new proteins are used in the body to build muscle, ligaments, tendons, hair, organs, skin and many of the hormones, enzymes and other chemicals needed for life. Your body needs 21 amino acids to do this, and 9 of them you need to get through food.

These 9 amino acids are known as essential amino acids because you have to supply them through food and the body is unable to make them. These amino acids are:

  • Phenylalanine
  • Wallin
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Methionine
  • Lucien
  • ISO Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Histidine


The main reason for consuming protein is to provide the necessary amount of these essential amino acids for the body to be able to do the necessary work in full. If you can somehow deplete your diet of these essential amino acids, you will eventually die.

This is why people who do not consume the right amount of protein lose their muscles faster with age because their body lacks the nutrients needed to maintain muscle, and that is why weight training and regular exercise are needed by the body. It increases protein, because these exercises damage muscle tissue and these injuries must be repaired, and this requires extra amounts of amino acids in the body.


2.What makes protein good for building muscle?

The amino acid profile of a protein indicates how much of that protein is present in each type of amino acid. Some proteins contain much higher amounts of some amino acids than others, especially leucine, which can stimulate muscle growth. But proteins are each qualitatively different, and their rate of digestion, absorption, and processing in the body varies.

best animal protein for your bodybuilding


3.Benefits of Vegetable Protein

What is the impact of vegetable protein?

A diet rich in plant proteins has many health benefits compared to animal proteins and carbohydrates; Lose weight, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Plant protein can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stabilize blood sugar levels.

How vegetable protein help you to loose weight?

If your goal is to lose weight, plant protein can give you a longer feeling of satiety and help stabilize your energy levels, so you will be less hungry and it will be a little easier for you to burn fat. Plant protein sources contain important nutrients such as anti-inflammatory compounds, essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients that are good for your health without adding extra calories.

Vegetable proteins are more durable and have less impact on the environment, have a lower overall production cost, and are less polluting to the atmosphere than meat. Finally, the label of incompleteness for vegetable protein has completely disappeared.

You do not need to get all the essential amino acids in your body at once. By following the principle of complementary proteins, you can take advantage of a variety of food sources and provide all the essential amino acids in your body.

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4.Casein protein powder

Casein is digested slightly more slowly than whey, providing a steady stream of amino acids for muscle growth and repair.

Most scientific research shows that both whey and casein are more or less comparable in terms of muscle building,

so which one you choose is largely a personal priority?

Since casein is slower to digest than whey, you could argue that it is slightly better at suppressing appetite (and thus helping to lose weight), but this is entirely theoretical. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

If you want a completely natural and tasty casein protein powder, try casein. It is a 100% completely sweet and flavorful casein made from milk from small dairy farms in Ireland.

5. Vegetable protein powder

If you do not eat animal products or you want to relax from whey and casein, you can also get acceptable results by consuming a high quality vegetable protein powder.

best vegan replacement for supplements

What is the main disadvantage of plant protein?

The main disadvantage of plant proteins is that they have less protein per serving than animal proteins (you have to eat more calories of plant protein to get the same amount of protein as an animal based version)

However, this is less the case with high quality plant proteins.


5. differences between these two protein models

5-1.Saturated fatty acids and cholesterol

As the first case in the difference between animal and vegetable protein, it should be said that different animal meats contain 40 to 50% of fat in the form of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, which not only increases the level of blood cholesterol but also causes its deposition in the wall. The arteries become clogged, causing their walls to harden.

But In plants:

on the other hand, not only is there no cholesterol, but on the contrary, plant unsaturated fats lower cholesterol and contain lecithin or phosphoamine lipids to prevent the deposition of fat in tissues and arteries.


5-2.Which protein has more parasites and germs?

In the meat of animals there are always amounts of various microbes and parasites that raw consumption is dangerous and heated and cooked reduces the nutritional value of meat and the body can not use as it should and perhaps nitrogen and protein in meat .

On other hand in plants:

Inevitably, significant amounts of nitrogen are excreted in the feces from the body, so in this regard, human fertilizer is a very good source for growing trees. And the seeds of all plant materials, such as watermelon kernels, eliminate intestinal worms and parasites.


5-3.In terms of amino acids

Animal protein in terms of composition of substances, contains all the necessary and unnecessary amino acids, but unfortunately, because it is associated with a large amount of animal fat, from this point of view, it is very harmful to the human gastrointestinal tract and gastric secretions.

Because meat is an acidic substance that stimulates gastric secretion, digestion of meat should begin with the secretion of pepsin in the stomach.

While the presence of animal fats not only prevents the secretion of pepsin but also gastric juice which is secreted in small amounts in the presence of fat.

What is the effects of amino acids?

It does not have enough acid to digest these substances, causing indigestion in the stomach. In addition, because the melting point of animal fats is often higher than 37 degrees Celsius, it is true that we actually heat, heat and crave animal foods.

But as soon as it enters the stomach and settles in the environment, the body temperature is frozen and remains in the stomach more than usual, and the intestinal juice and bile must be forced to go its own abnormal way and enter the stomach with emulsion. They are allowed to pass fat from the stomach to the intestines, which in turn causes indigestion, indigestion, sore throat and stomach.

While plant foods are balanced in every way

most vegetable oils melt at 37 degrees and their protein does not require strong stomach acids and is easily digested by the stomach.


5-4.Digestion of proteins

The older the animal, the harder its muscle fibers will be, the later it will be digestible, and the younger it is, the gelatinous and indigestible muscles, while unlike animal protein, fruits will be more ripe and contain more nutrients the longer they stay on the tree. They are better, easier and faster to digest.



Do you think animal protein is different from plant protein ?! Most athletes choose plant models, but do you know why? Eating plant foods has many benefits for your health. But just like many other things in life, not everything is so simple.

If you do not follow a vegetarian diet, choosing a kale salad instead of a juicy and tender fillet is not really logical. By describing the differences between the two proteins, you can choose a supplement that fits your lifestyle.


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