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Surprising Benefits Of Olive Leaf Extracts For Immune Boost

Olive Leaf

Surprising Benefits Of Olive Leaf Extracts For Immune Boost

Olive leaf extracts have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. From cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure to weight loss, olive offers a wide range of health benefits. Not only is it rich in healthy antioxidants, but it also contains monosaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial for the body. 

One of the great benefits of olive leaf extracts is their proficiency in strengthening your immune system. As doctors suggest, 2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil can boost your immunity.

Moreover, as compared to adults, children have a weaker immune system, which is why they frequently get sick, especially in winters. Regular consumption of olive not only prevents children from common cold & flu but also helps improve metabolism naturally.  

The article provides an insight into how the inclusion of olives in your daily diet improves your immunity.

1. Olive Leaf and Inactivates Virus

A virus is harmful to your body as it can severely affect your cells. Not only does it infect the cell, but it also creates a chain reaction that affects different parts of your body. Usually, it influences the respiratory system of your body and leads to a common cold and flu. Cold, runny nose and fluctuating fever are some of the common symptoms of the influenza virus. 

People with a history of significant health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases and Type-2 diabetes, are more likely to be the victims of the virus. It can also attack your nervous system causing severe health ailments.

But how effective are the olive leaf extracts against the virus?

Well, olive leaf houses an ingredient named oleuropein. It effectively breaks down in your body to form another substance, called Enolinate, that kills harmful bacteria and viruses. Moreover, it also nurtures microbes that offer various health benefits. It’s the reason why people use olive supplements in their daily diet for better immunity against viruses.     

2. Stimulates Phagocytes 

What are the Phagocytes?

A phagocyte is a cell that offers protection against foreign particles such as bacteria and fungi. It digests these foreign particles using its plasma membrane. The entire process of eating up these harmful particles is known as phagocytosis.  A liter of your blood contains as much as six billion phagocytes. Not just humans, it is essential throughout the animal kingdom as it’s a necessary element for fighting infections in the body. 

When an infection attacks your body, chemical signals direct phagocytes to places where the pathogens have infected the body.

To make sure that your body works at its best, you need to ensure the integrity of your phagocytes. Olive leaf extracts can significantly help in the stimulation of your body’s phagocytes. As per many studies, it is highly effective against bacteria like candida and e-Coli bacteria. 

3. Olive Leaf Provides Antibiotic Resistance

There often comes a time when you find that all the medications full of antibiotics are ineffective against the flu. It happens as sometimes bacteria and other harmful pathogens in your body change in some way, so to adapt to the new environment. It makes the drugs, chemicals, and other medications ineffective against infections. 

As a result, the bacteria survives and multiplies gradually causing more harm to your body.  Sometimes, it becomes difficult to treat and often medically impossible in various cases. It’s the reason why antibiotics are avoided for viral infections. 

What do we can in this situation?   

 to counter the situation, some experts also suggest the use of olive leaf extracts as a safe alternative. It does not cause antibiotic resistance and can be used regularly in conditions like common colds & flu without any significant harm. 

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4. Olive Leaf would Neutralizes Free Radicals!

Free radicals are oxygen atoms with unpaired electrons in your body. It is a result of oxidative stress in which oxygen in our body splits and looks for free electrons to combine with. Oxidative stress is the imbalance between the antioxidants and free radicals in the body. Now, these free radicals cause great harm to your body as it damages cells, protein, and DNA.     

As mentioned earlier, olive is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants provide free electrons to stabilize free radicals from damaging your skin and other parts of your body.   

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5. Olive Leaf helps to Prevent Respiratory Infections!

No matter how common or severe a health condition is, it’s most likely caused by some infectious microorganisms. Among many health ailments, respiratory diseases are common health ailments. It could be a specific type of influenza or a common cold, tonsillitis, or any other severe respiratory condition. 

However, as per recent studies, olive oil can be useful in preventing such infections in people of all ages. It contains Elenolic acid that acts as a potential bactericidal agent. It works best in interrupting the amino acid sequences of the harmful microbes and prevents them from reproducing.  

Other Health Benefits of Olive Leaf

The goodness of olive leaf extracts doesn’t end with strengthening your immunity. Here are some other vital health benefits of using olive leaf extracts in your diet. 

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6. Lowers Blood Pressure

According to some experts, people with the risks of high blood pressure can reduce the amount of medication and substitute it with extra virgin oil. As compared to other fats, it acts as a great substitute in your daily diet. As per a survey, 40gm of olive(equivalent to four tablespoons) per day may reduce the blood pressure medication dosage by almost 50% in hypertensive patients.  

7. Reduces Inflammation

Often, inflammation is the main cause of several diseases, including cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. The oil made from olive leaf extracts is rich in various antioxidants that reduce inflammations.  Oleocanthal is one of the essential antioxidants of olive works similarly as an anti-inflammatory drug, like ibuprofen. As per a survey, 10ml of extra virgin olive oil showed the same results as 10% of the adult dosage of ibuprofen.

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8. Regulates Diabetes

The extra virgin olive oil made from the olive leaf extract significantly reduces blood sugar and cholesterol as compared to other fats.

Sapienza University conducted a study on two groups of people with 25 each. While the 1st group was given 10gm of extra virgin olive oil in their meal, they offered the 2nd group a regular meal. When the blood glucose levels of the two groups were tested, the rise of blood sugar levels was less for the 1st group as compared to the second. It also resulted in higher levels of insulin, which is beneficial for Type-2 diabetes patients. 


When it’s about strengthening your immune system, olive leaf extracts offer incredible benefits. The fact that olive leaf extracts significantly reduce the chance of any future health ailments, it would be best to take them in your daily diet in some amount. You can take various olive supplements to boost your immune system.

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