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Overusing supplements cause 80% deadly damages!

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body builders should notice that…

Bodybuilding supplements are one of the most important proteins and vitamins that most bodybuilders use in exercise to increase muscle mass. One of the most important questions for all athletes and bodybuilders is whether a bodybuilding supplement is harmful or not?
As you know, bodybuilding supplements, because of their composition, can affect our body if used in excess. Excessive use of these substances and bodybuilding powders can eventually lead to irreversible side effects.

Athletes also use exercise supplements of carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids to improve their muscle function.
The liver and kidneys are responsible for the elimination of metabolites from metabolism and the experience of drugs and supplements in the body.
Sometimes, due to excessive use of drugs and supplements, it leads to liver and kidney damage, and in fact, the excretion of drug metabolites is more than the kidneys and liver can excrete.


what are the Side effects of overuse of protein?

BCAAs are essentially the same amino acids found in protein foods such as red meat, dairy and so on. Many athletes have a healthy, high-protein diet. But these people also take protein supplements separately.

Unlike other supplements, natural amino acids have no fat or carbohydrates. In addition, natural amino acids are high in calories. Many bodybuilders believe that taking amino acid supplements throughout the day helps build muscle and increase athletic performance.

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Too much protein causes weight gain and mood swings!

A new study on mice at the University of Sydney shows that taking too much protein supplements is harmful to the body. Researchers have concluded that although a protein bodybuilding supplement is very beneficial for building muscle, taking too much of it has bad effects on the body.

Excessive use of these supplements shortens life and has bad effects on a person’s mood and causes overweight.

Although this study has not yet been performed in humans, the results are a warning against the use of protein bodybuilding supplements. People who take these supplements should be careful about how much they consume. These people should not consume too much protein.

The most important side effects of bodybuilding supplements

In general, if you look at bodybuilding supplements, you will find that due to the fact that mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other metals are used in the composition and manufacture of these supplements, it may have side effects for you.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, athletes, men and women, young people and adolescents of all ages should use these bodybuilding supplements as directed by their instructor to prevent the harms of bodybuilding supplements.

Taking bodybuilding supplements is different for any age, for any gender, for any type of exercise and you should use a suitable and special supplement.


Here are some of the side effects of supplements that can occur if not used properly:

  • Kidney problems
    His protein helps repair and rebuild muscles after exercise, but excessive protein intake impairs kidney function and makes it harder for them to perform their functions. Kidney failure is not just about poor protein intake; other supplements, such as Gainer, can even cause kidney stones if not used properly.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
    Nausea, stomach pain, bloating and diarrhea are some of the digestive problems that can occur following the use of fake supplements or excessive use of sports supplements. If you plan to take a protein supplement, you should consider whether you are lactose intolerant or not.

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  • Liver problems
    There is a fine line between taking and abusing sports supplements, so be careful about how much you take to avoid liver problems.
  • Heart problems
    Athletes are less likely to suffer from heart failure and stroke, but doing too much exercise and putting too much pressure on the body can force the cardiovascular system to work harder. When the heart cannot meet the needs of the body in the long run, many problems will arise.


In addition to the above, some of these side effects are as follows:

  • Increased sugar and fat in the body
  • Extreme weight gain
  • Muscle cramps
  • Inflammation of the airways
  • Allergies and asthma


Replacing bodybuilding supplements with natural and herbal ingredients

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To reduce the side effects and risks of using commercial bodybuilding powders, experts recommend the use of home-made products and healthy foods that, like the use of bodybuilding powders, are effective in boosting energy and building muscle. And you can use one of the following methods:

Sports and bodybuilding drinks are divided into different categories, some of which have protein components, some herbal and some dairy, which have different effects on how the body builds muscle.


also vegan protein powders is known as a suitable replace for protein powder.


Protein-based bodybuilding powder:

You can add some cooked and chopped chicken breast to your fruit smoothie, which is a combination of high-calorie fruits such as bananas, pineapples, coconuts, mangoes and apples.

You can also add a whole egg. Combine in this drink and consume at different intervals such as fasting morning, before and after exercise.

This method of mixing drinks is not recommended due to the risk of Salmonella bacteria in raw eggs.

For the vegetable type, you can use syrupy seeds, flaxseed, almond meal and some beans. To make this vegetable powder, pour the main ingredients in the mill and grind it completely to create a homogeneous composition.

In the end, you can add some powder: Add chocolate to it and consume it as a delicious and energetic smoothie by combining your favorite fruits.

Instead of buying expensive samples, you can use a mixture of skim milk powder with oatmeal powder and peanut powder as a natural thickener to prepare the lentil type of bodybuilding powder, and consume this mixture in a fruit smoothie. See its amazing effect on building muscle.

In addition to drinking bodybuilding powder as a drink, you can use a combination of these powders with food and thus make your body stronger than ever.

Some invigorating foods include coffee, a combination of pancakes with whole wheat or barley flour, chicken soup with vegetables and hot red peppers, peanut cake with chocolate, cinnamon, coconut oil, chocolate ice cream with egg syrup, Flaxseed, pistachio powder, stevia, cocoa and vanilla extract, all of which have a lot of energy and can be very useful even for athletes and maintain their health and increase physical strength.

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With the use of these natural and herbal substances, you no longer need to use industrial bodybuilding powders, and also because of the permanent effect that natural substances have on the muscles, you will not face a rapid decrease in muscle volume if you stop using them.



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