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Incredible properties of olive leaves

In traditional Moroccan society, olive leaves were widely used to maintain stable blood sugar levels in the body. Along with numerous studies, people are now beginning to recognize the health benefits of olive leaves.

There is a significant element of olive leaves called oleuropein, studies on oleuropein substances have been under investigation for a long time and the results of studies show that oleuropein substances are very useful in fighting internal infections.

Oleuropein substance It has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties; also the use of olive leaves can increase thermogenic, which plays an important role in burning fat in the body.

Boosting immunity system

Olive leaves have long been used to strengthen the body’s immune system to fight germs. The amount of antioxidants in the solution of the extract prepared from fresh olive leaves is twice that of green tea extract and four times that of vitamin C.

Anti-cancer properties of olive leaves

There are many health benefits to olive leaf extract. Apigenin and levotolin are two substances found in olive leaves that are considered to have active anti-cancer properties.

Some studies show that olive leaf extract is more effective against diseases such as colon cancer, prostate cancer. Prevent stomach and liver cancer. Anti-cancer properties can also be neglected in the health benefits.

Olive leaves to prevent heart disease

Olive leaf tea is rich in vitamin E as an antioxidant and fatty acid. Its useful components are useful in fighting and avoiding heart disease.

Therefore, regular consumption of olive leaf tea may keep you from having a heart attack. You can drink it hot or ice. You can also add a little lemon juice as a flavoring and get the health benefits of lemon juice.

Treatment of colds with olive leaves

Olive leaf can fight viruses because of its properties, so it is very suitable for viral diseases.

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