Disinfectant products and the immune system

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The immune system  is strengthened by proper use of this type of product. Antiseptic disinfectants are a class of bio-septic substances that are used on the surface of the living tissues of the skin and body, destroying or preventing their growth by affecting bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores of bacteria and other organisms. This group of substances is essentially separate from antibiotics and disinfectants, as antibiotics in the body safely destroy the bacteria. dymatize cleanse and detox.

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Some of these substances destroy microbes (germicides) while others inhibit the activity and proliferation of microbes (bacteria inhibitors).

Disinfectants are cleansing materials for tools, appliances, clothes, tiles, bathtubs, bathrooms and bathrooms. Disinfectants are used to clean non-living surfaces and disinfectants for tissues and organisms.

Bactericides are antibacterials that have been proven to have antibacterial properties, substances that destroy viruses are called antiviral drugs.

Disinfection does not mean sterilizing or sterilizing, and after disinfection, highly resistant forms of bacteria such as spores or hogs of bacteria and prions may not be destroyed. dymatize cleanse and detox. These products are not harmful to the immune system ، They even increase the body’s immune system  by cleaning the surfaces and hands.

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This group of products includes a variety of hand sanitizer solutions, hand sanitizer gel containing 70% alcohol, as well as a variety of data disinfectant sprays and hospital hand sanitizer liquids, a variety of domestic and industrial hand sanitizer solutions along with prices and online purchase capabilities in various Iranian and foreign brands. This group includes brands such as ster ilium, decosepte, dermosepte, deconex family solutions, with effective substances such as ethanol 70%, isopropylene, a propanol, two propanols and isopropanol…، Hand sanitizer solutions have softening materials and have a pleasant odor. dymatize cleanse and detox. Antiseptic products boost the immune system .

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Application of disinfectants

Disinfectants prevent infection, decay and septicemia. Using disinfectants is essential for health care and is one of the most important preventive factors for diseases, especially communicable diseases. The main difference between disinfectants and antiseptics or antibiotics is that disinfectants are only used externally and destroy bacteria while Antibiotique enter the blood after oral or injectable use and have few side effects on the body. Disinfectants are also used to make disinfectants. dymatize cleanse and detox.

The disinfectants comprise two categories: bactericide disinfectants, which can directly destroy the bacterial cell by destroying its wall, which absorbs water, swelling and bursting it, and bacteriostatic disinfectants that prevent the cell growth and division of the bacteria. Antiseptic products boost the immune system .

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