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ARTICHOKE:complete Overview, Uses, Side Effects

ARTICHOKE: complete Overview, Uses, Side Effects

You may have heard of Artichoke, but if you know about its properties, you will be amazed at its amazing effect on the immune system and weight loss. Join us in the continuation of this article to learn more about its properties

What Is Artichoke (briefly overview)? 

The artichoke was always counted as vegetables but in fact, you eat the bud of the flower before it blooms.

They are grown for food so that before blossoming they are harvested. It is rooted in the Mediterranean region but today it comes from California, where the artichoke industry is based.
You can eat raw artichoke or steam it and enjoy the sweet taste. When shopping, choose green artichokes, the leaves should be completely closed and with no cracks or spots. You can buy fresh artichokes from the amvitamins.

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what are the most important features of Artichoke?

This vegetable has many benefits for the body and it is rich in fibers. since it is low in calories, it is a perfect option to add to your diet. You can continue your low-fat diet by eating these vegetables. If you are following a healthy diet, you can add it to your cuisine.

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A large one has just 25 calories and no fat. It is full of vitamin C and potassium. It also contains magnesium and folate. You can add this vegetable to your salad sauces and desserts. Studies show that this vegetable contains a huge number of antioxidants and it is beneficial for the liver. You can buy fresh artichokes from the Vitamins store.

Best Artichoke Uses ( detox, weight loss, …)

what are the best Artichoke uses

You can eat fresh, medium ripe, and mature. Some people eat this vegetable, pickled or canned. You can boil, stew, fry, grill, roast, or bake this vegetable. To soften the heart of artichoke you should cook it.

Pay attention that the leaves and the heart both can be eaten.

How can we use artichoke?

  1. You can add this vegetable to pizza, pasta, omelet, pies, salads, sauces, side dishes, or jellies.
  2. You can make artichoke drinks too.
  3. You can add vinegar or lemon juice to your salad to add more flavors and keep it longer and avoid spoiling.
  4. If you steam the fruit, you can easily separate the leaves from it and add it to your salad. Steaming this vegetable takes 20 to 40 minutes. After separating the leaves, you will reach the heart. The heart is the popular part that is used to make snacks like pizzas.

artichoke drink is a useful tea…

Artichoke leaf tea is one of the most nutritious herbal teas that many therapists recommend drinking one to two cups of this tea to people with high blood fat and cholesterol.

What are the most important benefits of artichoke?

  • If you are overweight, especially if you are at risk for fatty liver disease, having this fruit in your diet can minimize the risk of developing the disease.
  • Another benefit of artichoke, this spring herb is its undeniable property in treating and relieving gout and atherosclerosis.
  • Consumption of artichoke leaves and fruit in the daily diet has a great effect on relieving pain and treating gout and atherosclerosis. This plant, in fact, with its ability to clean the arteries, drains sediments and disturbing impurities from the blood vessels.


Benefits of ARTICHOKE for kidney cleanse!

Artichoke belongs to the group of the most useful herbs and vegetables, which, while regulating kidney function and increasing the amount of urine, can be used as a mild herbal laxative for the treatment of people with mild constipation.

Benefits of ARTICHOKE for kidney cleanse!

In fact, preparing artichoke stew or soup that has been flavored with the help of fresh lemon will have a great effect in treating constipation and improving the function of the digestive system, especially the intestines. This fruit has a beneficial effect on the treatment of most skin diseases.

Top 7 Artichoke Uses in the world

According to research, the presence of hydroalcoholic extract in artichoke is one of the important factors in controlling diabetes.
According to AMvitamins researchers, artichokes and their leaves can significantly reduce blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides, which helps reduce type 1 diabetes.

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Vitamin C in this plant helps the body to resist inflammatory reactions and also significantly prevents infection.

This vegetable is a good source of K vitamins that are very good for the nervous system and prevent Alzheimer’s.

The vitamins in this plant promote bone health and prevent osteoporosis. The presence of vitamin K in this plant improves metabolic activities in the body and is effective in preventing nerve damage to the brain.

Niacin, vitamin B6, thiamine, and pantothenic acid are vitamins that help improve metabolic activity and keep the body healthy.

Keep this vegetable in the refrigerator. If you cook it, it should be completely cooled before putting it in the refrigerator.

Artichoke and its UNKNOWN Side Effects

artichokes are banned during the breastfeeding period, Because the consumption of artichokes and their leaves greatly affects the quality, smell, and taste of breast milk, it may cause the baby to avoid breastfeeding.
Therefore, therapists advise breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women to avoid eating foods and salads that contain this plant during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Consumption of artichokes during pregnancy should also be limited. Its consumption may cause side effects like allergies in some people. It may also increase the effect of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

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Artichoke and its special use in detox & weight loss

Are you looking for a fast diet that will help you lose weight in a short time? In this case, artichokes will be a great option for you.

Artichokes are a great food to help you lose weight because they are high in fiber and help you lose fats and sugars. In addition, they quickly remove toxins and fats that build up in the intestines. 

Overweight people who want to lose weight fast. Due to the fact that this plant is high in fiber and eating them helps you feel fuller in a long time.

Artichokes contain large amounts of potassium, which prevents water retention and heals the appearance of cellulite.

Since artichokes are low in sodium, eating large amounts of them can make you feel full and improve your blood pressure.

It is recommended to eat this vegetable to heal and maintain beauty. As it is useful to cleanse the body, it helps the metabolism in the body. This vegetable contains low calories, so it is counted as a fat burner.

When you eat an artichoke, your body processes fat better in response.

The artichoke plant supports the liver; it is antimicrobial, lowers cholesterol and blood lipids, stimulates the expression of nitric oxide to synthesize genes, and improves endothelial cells in atherosclerosis.
These vegetable leaves contain phenolic, flavonoid, and acidic compounds. Therefore, they are considered to have liver-improving, biliary, cholesterol-lowering, and lipid-lowering effects.

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This vegetable has antioxidant properties. The active ingredient in them prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver cells.

There are two types of compounds in them, including caffeic acid and flavonoids. Caffeic acid removes fat from the liver, and flavonoids absorb free radicals from the liver due to their strong antioxidant properties and prevent their proliferation.

The extract of this plant reduces fat stores in the liver and other tissues and reduces cholesterol in the body.


Artichoke leaves contain plenty of antioxidants, which help to detoxify the liver and it preserve the liver, and also help the creation of new tissues in the liver.

They are rich in fiber. Fiber eliminates the feeling of hunger and stops eating. An average artichoke has about 4.7 grams of fiber.

Hungarian researchers conducted a study on obese people and found that the body mass index of people who followed a low-calorie diet and drank concentrated artichoke juice decreased.

This vegetable is a low-calorie food; Of course, provided that it is eaten without greasy sauces. Each medium artichoke contains less than 30 calories and prevents obesity.

In fact, people who consume these vegetables in one of their meals can use the healing properties of this plant to lose weight.

Benefits of artichoke extract liquid

The benefits of this plant include lowering blood sugar levels and improving digestion, heart and liver health.
Artichoke extract liquid, which contains large amounts of compounds found in this plant, is known as a supplement.
Some other benefits of Artichoke extract liquid are as follows:

1. Rich in nutrients
2. Artichoke lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good cholesterol (HDL).
3. Artichoke can help regulate blood pressure.
4. Artichokes can improve liver health.
5. Artichokes can improve gastrointestinal health.
6. Artichokes can relieve the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
7. Artichokes can help lower blood sugar.
8. Artichoke has anti-cancer effects.

Artichoke extra supplement

High cholesterol, or the disease of blood treatment, occurs due to an increase in the amount in the body. Blood clotting disease is one of the most common problems mentioned in all cases and this makes it very important in the world.
For this purpose, it is necessary for people over 20 years of age to have blood tests in 5-year periods and to check their blood level, and in case of disease, to start blood treatment. High blood cholesterol causes clogging of the body and hardening of the arteries, and this is a dangerous event that must be prevented.
Artichoke is native to the Mediterranean and southern Europe and is an annual plant. In traditional medicine, artichoke is used to reduce blood triglycerides and cholesterol, strengthen the liver, stimulate the kidneys to excrete urea and cholesterol, prevent the accumulation of fat in liver cells, and so on.
Experiments performed on this plant show that artichoke extra supplement also has the effect of regenerating liver cells. This supplement regulates the reduction of blood sugar and the process of cholesterol formation. Artichoke supplement leaves are used to treat kidney and liver diseases.

Notice: Radishes that are sensitive to chicory plants should not be used because they may cause allergic reactions. Patients with gallstones, an acute viral inflammation of the liver, acute biliary colitis, and obstructive jaundice should also not use this drug. Artichoke capsules are not recommended for children under 12 years of age and pregnant and lactating women.


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The best way to consume artichokes is to prepare them for salads.

In this way, you can help you lose weight every day by preparing various salads of different fruits and vegetables and adding some chopped or grated artichokes.

Some people with constipation who have an imbalance of gastrointestinal function, especially the intestines, can combat this problem by including artichokes in their diet. This plant is one of the best natural ingredients for people who suffer from constipation by following a slimming diet. In fact, consuming this plant prevents these people from suffering from constipation and dryness during their diet.

The best way to consume artichokes is to prepare them for salads.

This vegetable has always been considered by traditional healers in different countries due to its wonderful properties.


Consumption of artichokes as food or medicine has a great effect on increasing the amount of urine and its excretion in the body.

The use of this drug can have a very good effect on cleansing and emptying the kidneys and improving their function in eliminating waste products from the body.
Therefore, this plant can be one of the useful and rich nutrients during all kinds of cleansing that helps to empty the toxins from the body. 

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