3 Amazing herbal tea for kidney & liver

best herbal tea for your liver
Nature Pharmacy is full of herbs, each of which is suitable for solving one or more problems. Fortunately, the number of researches on the properties of medicinal plants is increasing day by day and more and more people are turning to these plants. If you are interested in cleansing your liver and kidneys and you want to improve your health, do not miss this article and three suitable drinks to improve liver and kidney function. Important Warning: If you have certain health conditions or are experiencing pregnancy, consult your doctor before using any medication.  

let,s get know 3 amazing herbal tea for your kidney and liver health

What does the kidney do?

Kidneys that function well are essential for good health. The kidneys help eliminate water-soluble wastes and balance the body’s electrolytes. They control the pH or the degree of acidity or alkalinity and regulate hormones. One of the most important functions of the kidney for the health of the human body is the elimination of toxins and wastes through urine.  

What is liver function?

The liver is responsible for hormones, digestion and detoxification in the body. The liver takes in harmful substances, such as insoluble substances found in the blood, and sends them to the bile. After this stage, it is time to excrete the waste through the stool. The liver is also responsible for breaking down old red blood cells. But these are just some of the vital functions of the liver in the body; Scientists have shown that this organ is responsible for performing more than 500 essential health activities. It is interesting to know that this organ is the only organ in the body that can regenerate itself. In fact, if two-thirds of a healthy liver is removed, the rest can regenerate itself. learn more: what is fatty liver and the signs

How to help the liver and kidneys?

The function of the liver and kidneys in the body is unparalleled. Although these organs themselves play a major role in detoxifying the body; But unhealthy lifestyles or changes in human nutrition in recent years can increase the pressure on them. For this reason, it is possible to improve the performance of these organs by using a variety of herbal and health teas, some of which are introduced below.  

1-Milk Thistle

Nettle in losing weight Milk Thistle has a healing history of thousands of years. It is interesting to know that according to the evidence obtained, the Romans of this century used this plant for their health. The beneficial ingredient in St. John’s wort for the liver and kidneys is called Silymarin. Silymarin helps to improve the healing of kidney tissue that has been exposed to harmful chemicals. Salvia miltiorrhiza contains flavonoids; Therefore, it is a plant rich in antioxidants that acts against free radicals. This plant can reduce kidney inflammation and may even protect against kidney cancer. Sage is also good for liver health. This plant reduces inflammation of the liver. It stabilizes the liver membrane and reduces the division of liver cancer cells. Salvia miltiorrhiza is also useful for patients with cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol consumption and can increase their lifespan. The use of sage in the form of tea with the advice of a doctor can have high properties for a person.


Herbs & Natural Remedies

Parsley is another unique plant that can prevent kidney stones and improve kidney and liver function. Parsley not only reduces the size and number of kidney stones; Kidney tissue will also be healthier after using parsley. For this reason, one of the best kidney cleansers is parsley. Parsley is considered a bitter plant. Bitter herbs stimulate the release of bile, which in turn leads to detoxification of the liver. Parsley leads to the production of a substance called Glutathione, which will protect the liver from damage. This plant helps lower blood glucose levels. Blood glucose causes inflammation of the liver. Therefore, parsley reduces the risk of liver inflammation. Parsley can expel heavy metals from the body. Drinking parsley tea, especially in pregnant women, must be done with the advice and approval of a doctor. It is said that this drug may lead to miscarriage.


ginger for your health is effective Ginger is known worldwide as one of the most popular and common spices, and due to its numerous properties, it has gradually become more and more established among healthy drinks. Ginger increases the detoxification power of your kidneys. It reduces inflammation and raises the level of natural kidney antioxidants This plant reduces fibrosis and leads to healthier kidney tissue. Scientists have not yet figured out how ginger prevents fat from accumulating in the liver; But what is clear is that this plant helps prevent fatty liver in people. Ginger protects the kidneys and liver from heavy metals. Cadmium is one of these metals that can cause genetic changes and increase the risk of cancer. Ginger will take care of the body against this issue. Drinking ginger tea in moderation is good for the body; However, if you have special conditions, it is better to consult your doctor.

Are other drinks useful?how?

There are many types of bodybuilding supplements; But the samples of drugs we talked about in this article have the greatest impact on liver and kidney health. Other teas, such as thyme, lemon, fennel, and chamomile, are good for the nerves, respiratory system, and digestive system, and are made by brands such as Niusha and Mehrgiah, which specialize in herbs. There are other teas available to you because of their sedative properties (such as teas) or slimming (sour tea tea) that you can go to depending on your needs. learn more :Top 9 herbal remedies for weight loss

Do not like Herbal Tea?

drinking coffee is one of best ways to lose weight The fact is that the taste of the drinks may be strange to you at first, and it will take some time for your taste buds to get used to them. However, if you are not used to these teas, you can still enjoy the properties of different types of tea. Black tea, for example, has some anti-inflammatory properties, and green tea is rich in antioxidants needed to fight free radicals. Our recommendation is that instead of using a tea bag, which is mistakenly known as Neptune tea, go for regular packaged tea such as black tea and ant tea or green tea and make tea to taste more in your own style. Brew; You can add some cardamom and saffron to the tea for better taste and aroma. best offers on herbal tea, green tea, black tea,… just click here.
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