17 Common dangerous ways to loose weight

how to loos weight effective?

We all know that in order to lose a few kilograms, we have to enter a path. Slowly and gradually lose weight and maintain our health. But most people are not patient and I want to find a way to lose weight which is usually dangerous. It is true that strict diets cause weight loss, but life is lost as a result.

The deadliest and most dangerous ways to lose weight

1.Calorie-free diet

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The body naturally needs fat, in addition, healthy fats in the body help burn fat. But unfortunately, many diets prescribed by nutritionists or arbitrarily followed by people are low in calories and cause people to use harmful artificial sweeteners to lose weight. Diet drinks are also among the substances that cause weight gain.


2.Slimming with slimming pills

why are slimming pills dangerous?

Most people are familiar with diet pills and some of them have miraculous effects, but unaware that the side effects of these pills can be harmful to the body for many years and even years. Some people use some drugs under the pretext of losing weight, but such drugs cause irreparable damage to the heart and brain. There are supplements on the market that help burn more fat, but they should be taken with exercise and a healthy diet.


3.Today’s diets for weight loss

The United States is the fattest country on Earth, and as a result, about 45 million Americans spend between $ 1 billion and $ 2 billion a year on weight loss and diet programs. Not following a balanced diet not only helps to lose weight, but also prevents weight loss.


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4.Eliminate meals to lose weight

Eliminating one of the main meals is one of the most common methods used by people to lose weight, which is one of the most harmful ways to lose weight.
The body’s metabolism increases after eating, and if you eliminate one of the meals from the daily diet, contrary to popular belief, metabolism decreases and leads to weight gain. Starving yourself and skipping one of the main meals has a very negative effect and makes weight loss a failure.


5.Use laxatives to lose weight

Excessive use of laxatives in the form of pills, powders and suppositories is one of the most common solutions recently, but doctors believe that repeated use of these drugs weakens the digestive system, which can cause abdominal complications.



smoking is good?!

Another way to prevent hunger is to smoke.

How smoking make you feel full?

Smoking sends signals to the brain that speed up metabolism and thus prevent hunger. Smokers who have had this habit for years can skip one meal more easily and without feeling too hungry.

However, such a method can cause long-term damage to the body and eventually predispose the body to diseases such as cancer and other infections.


7.Excessive exercise to lose weight

best exercise strategy for loosing weight?

If your body is malnourished, exercising too much to lose weight can be harmful to your body. A 20-minute exercise program 3 to 5 times a week is good for weight loss.

In fact, exercise and a healthy diet are complementary and can help you lose weight more easily. Weight loss will be followed by lifestyle changes that lead to healthy eating and regular exercise.


8.Not eating enough protein to lose weight

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Not consuming enough protein in the daily diet leads to a decrease in muscle mass.vice versa: Researchers believe that consuming high amounts of protein is effective in reducing body fat, including belly fat, and prevents persistent hunger. Consumption of protein in the diet helps to lose weight and has a greater effect if you exercise.

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Doctors recommend that people should consume 30% of their daily diet to protein, so that each person should consume between one and a half grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.



Diuretics are drugs that increase the production of urine. They do not actually reduce your weight. They only cause water loss.

In response to excessive loss of water through urine, the body stores water again after a few days. Dehydration in the body is usually caused by the use of diuretics. This is followed by the elimination of vital water and electrolytes such as zinc from the body, which are needed for proper heart, kidney and liver function.

10. Laxatives

Laxatives cause bowel movements that have little effect on weight loss. This is because most of the nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine and, like diuretics, protect the body from high amounts of water. You feel like you are losing weight and you will return to your original state by drinking water.

Laxatives effects:

Repeated use of laxatives has unpleasant effects. Bowel movements disappear in people who have been taking these drugs for a long time. Electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, constipation, bloody diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea are some of the harmful effects of these drugs.

11.Ipca Syrup

People familiar with the drug know that Ipca syrup is used to induce vomiting in people who have been poisoned. Women with bulimia usually use this syrup to induce vomiting. This syrup causes arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat.

It also causes chest pain, breathing problems, increased heart rate, cardiac arrest, shock and coma.

12.Dietary drugs

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 such as Zincal, which should be given under a doctor’s supervision, and many drugs that contain caffeine compounds and are called inhibitors. Like phenylpropanolamine and ephedra, they stimulate the nervous system. They cause amphetamine-like activities.

13.Slimming belt

One of the most common ways to lose weight is to use slimming belts. There are two types of slimming belts: thermal and vibratory, neither of which burn fat and have no effect on actual weight loss.

Thermal belts only remove water from the body, which returns to its original state after a short time with the replacement of water. The vibrating belts that they vibrate cause fats to break down and move, and may seemingly reduce their size.

but the question is, where do the shifted fats go?

The answer is that fats enter the bloodstream and build up in the inner walls of arteries or accumulate in high-risk areas such as around the heart or liver. In fact, we have made our appearance with this device and we have harmed ourselves from within.

Basically, using topical slimming machines is a bad sign. If we see more fat accumulating in the abdomen and flanks, it is due to certain settings that prevail in our body. The body stores excess fat where it is least at risk and removes it whenever needed.

The important point :

just as you have not done much work on your stomach to become obese, you do not need to do much work on it to lose weight, and the right way is proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It is interesting to know that even if you walk regularly, you will lose weight from the abdomen, hips and buttocks.

It should be noted that none of the slimming belts are licensed by scientific centers in the world such as the FDA, and their use is not recommended at all, and if they are not harmful, they are definitely useless.

one of the least dangerous ways for lossing weight is using keto diet.

14.Stomach balloon

why is stomach ballon dangerous?

Among the slimming methods, these are examples of covering up the problem, because they do not prevent your hunger and desire for food, they only create a barrier against your eating. Imagine you have a great desire to eat and your favorite food is in front of you but you can not eat. What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there?


2 – Stomach balloon causes the return of stomach acid (sour) which causes short-term problems and long-term risks to the person.


3 – It is important to know that the problem is not in the stomach at all, but in the mindset and habits of the person.


15.Slimming surgery

1 – No surgery is uncomplicated, especially surgery on adipose tissue that is associated with risks and deadly complications such as fat embolism. In fact, among the weight loss methods, the complications of weight loss surgery are the most.


2 – Among the methods of slimming, surgery is an example of appearance.

What surgery do?

The surgeon removes only the apparent fat, which is less dangerous and has nothing to do with more dangerous fats. The surgeon does not remove the fat around the liver and heart. It does not remove the fat that has accumulated in the walls of the arteries.

It is not even possible to remove the appearance of fat proportionally, for example, a person loses weight with fat arms and his body loses its fit.

In addition, when a person becomes seemingly thin, he finds a false happiness and reassurance while he is inside the same obese person and the same complications threaten him.


  1. Nothing in this world is unreasonable. There are definitely reasons why you are overweight. The reasons for your overweight are within you, in your habits, choices and lifestyle.



Because the only effect of acupuncture is to reduce appetite, even during the period in which it is used, and because the causes of overweight, which are in the habits, knowledge and choices of the person do not change, after stopping treatment everything returns to normal and the person remains frustrated.


17.slimming pill

Slimming pills are another way to lose weight, but today everyone knows that no drug is safe. Slimming pills have negative and destructive effects on your body and mind.

             What are the side effects of slimming pills?

Side effects such as unexplained nervousness, heart problems, digestive problems, and decreased absorption of dietary vitamins, etc., are in addition to the side effects of some other common drugs, such as Tenuate, which have virtually no valid scientific license.

  • Because the effect of slimming pills is small and limited and usually does not exceed four or five kilograms in total.

3-Because the effect of slimming pills is temporary. Slimming pills do not eliminate the causes of your weight gain and do not change your habits. Slimming pills either reduce appetite or prevent the body from absorbing fats. So its effect is limited to the time you eat it and by leaving it aside, its effects disappear.


  How you feel when you consume this pill?

4- Because losing weight with a slimming pill is like getting a score by cheating and it does not have much grace and pleasure; While losing weight with individual effort is very enjoyable and increases self-confidence and inner satisfaction. We like to say tomorrow when you look in the mirror that it was I who lost weight. Then you will be more careful about your achievements and you will take care of it like a precious asset and the possibility of losing your weight will be minimized.


5- Because there is no royal way to lose weight. There is no shortcut to losing weight. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.



Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. For example, you will experience better feeling, better sleep, more energy, and a reduced risk of disease and premature death. But by losing too much weight, losing a lot of weight in a very short period of time, or choosing the wrong foods as part of your diet, you are likely to experience some negative weight loss side effects.



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