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14 Miraculous Fruits for skin health

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Most people want to have clear, smooth and radiant skin. Consumption of some foods can lead to skin radiance. Nutritionists believe that healthy skin needs omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins to produce collagen and build elastin and minerals to protect and regenerate cells.


In this article, the ingredients that make the skin clear are introduced:


Fruits that are useful for lightening the skin

1. Pomegranate helps lighten the skin

Pomegranate seeds are composed of “alginic acid” and “punicalagin”. These substances have a great effect on maintaining collagen and care against free radical damage, so pomegranate consumption is recommended to lighten the skin. Research shows that pomegranate peel has an effective role in increasing wound healing because by increasing collagen, the wound healing process improves.

how to keep your skin young

2. how amazing Watermelon is for your skin!!

Watermelon contains large amounts of vitamin C, which is effective in the cross-linking of collagen and wound healing. Watermelon is effective in improving blood circulation and clearing the skin due to its high content of carotenoids. Watermelon juice itself helps protect the immune system and fight cardiovascular disease by increasing the intake of lycopene and carotene.

watermelon keep your skin fresh

3. Wild blueberries normalize skin oil

Wild blueberries are full of antioxidants, this fruit contains large amounts of vitamin A, which normalizes skin oil. Raspberry fruit also prevents skin inflammation, dryness and redness by increasing the body’s immune system.

In addition, regular consumption of these fruits is very effective in preventing cardiovascular disease.

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effects of blueberry on your skin

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4. Walnuts increase collagen production

Walnuts in a 200-calorie meal contain 2,776 mg of omega-3, which is a rich source of protein and copper. Copper is very effective in increasing collagen production.

walnuts is the biggest source for omega-3 and collagen

5. Olive oil

Olives and their oils contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that are effective in improving the health of hair, skin and nails. Olive oil increases blood circulation and keeps the skin moist. These healthy fats are also effective in reducing redness and skin sensitivity.

olice oils helps in reducing your wrinkle

6. Fatty fish

Fatty fish contain large amounts of vitamin B12, which play an important role in cell regeneration, and also contain selenium, which protects the skin from sun damage.

Fatty fish also contain phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D, which are effective in keeping the skin moist. And fish fat is a good source of calcium, niacin, copper, and choline. Choline is a member of the B vitamin family, which is useful for making fatty parts of cell membranes.

uses of fish oil for your skin

7. Potatoes are a material of beauty and charm

Potato is a potion of beauty and charm. If you want your skin to always look smooth, white and light, do not forget the potato. You can also grate it raw and apply it on the skin as a natural whitener, because potatoes Whitens the skin.

The presence of large amounts of hydrocarbons and starch in them are the two main elements in skin whitening. Grate the potatoes and apply the extract on the skin of the face and leave it for half an hour and then wash.

Potatoes are a material of beauty and charm

8. Eat sour lemon to become snow white

Lemons have high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants. These two nutrients in sour lemons cause skin whitening and reduce subcutaneous melanin. As you know, the more melanin is produced under the skin, the darker the skin looks. To reduce their production, lemon juice works wonders, but do not forget to eat sour lemon and use it in salads and various foods. The result will be amazing.


9. Attractive fruit kiwi

Kiwi has as much vitamin C as you want, and as you know, vitamin C is an extract of youth and charm. Some people also consume kiwi as a dessert or snack. In the season of this fruit, always put some of it in your bag and some eat it and if you can, rub it on your face a little to see how it makes you white and beautiful.

eat kiwi for having bright skin

10. tomatoes keep your skin young!

Tomato is a whitening fruit and removes brown spots. Put the tomato in your diet in any way you like, and if you are bored, grate it and apply it as a mask on the face.

And leave it for half an hour. Repeat this three times a week and each time for half an hour. After two or three months, you will see how white and clear your skin becomes. In addition to its beauty effect, tomatoes are also very good for health and prevent many cancers, such as prostate and bladder cancers.

tomatoes are useful for your akne

12. Eat flaxseed

This food is rich in omega-3. As you know, omega-3 is a useful fat for the body and many doctors prescribe pills to treat skin diseases. In addition, omega-3 flaxseed is recommended for beauty. Provides the need for the body and also causes beauty and lightening of the face and eliminates dark and dull spots.

The use of flaxseed as a mask is also recommended, like sunflower seed kernels, and you can mix it into a powder with some lemon or tomato and use it as a mask.

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13. Eat orange vegetables

Orange vegetables such as squash, carrots, apricots and mangoes have many properties and make the body healthy and beautiful. These fruits can be used raw as a snack or cooked a little and as a salad. Serve with food. If you do not like their taste as a salad, adding some lemon, salt and pepper will make them more delicious.

orange fruits helps to your skin collagen

14. Eat papaya fruit

This fruit grows mostly in the United States, South Asian countries and Africa and is known as a bleach in those countries. In Iran, you can also find this fruit and eat it raw or undercooked. The fruit of this tree it has many vitamins and is very useful for health and can be found in large fruit shops.


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