10 practical ways to have a white & clear skin

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One of the first things you notice when meeting anyone is definitely the health of your skin and the clarity and beauty of your face, something that unfortunately many people try to achieve by using chemical drugs, which causes a lot of side effects.

The future will be for them, but here we are trying to introduce you to this health by introducing some completely organic and natural methods.
So stay with us until the end of this article, and we will introduce you;

7 practical ways to clear skin :

1-Exercise to look young and attractive

All people who look younger than their age and of course have a fit and fit body have never achieved this without exercise. Actors Their most important daily routine is exercise and such activities. People who exercise more active cells. Had.

As a result, they rejuvenate more because they have more regular blood flow. You may be wondering what having white skin has to do with exercising. It is said that the blood circulates in their veins cleaner and more regularly.

As a result, more oxygen reaches the cells of their body, including skin cells. As a result, these cells regenerate themselves faster and stay younger, the impurities in their arteries disappear, and the skin looks clearer and whiter.

2-Do not stress

Stress is the enemy of health and beauty. People who are constantly stressed and anxious and get angry quickly, and people who suffer very quickly, have been seen in some cases with diseases such as dry skin and dullness, as well as others. Such as Alzheimer’s and MS.

Avoid stress if you want to have clear and white skin. People who have stress do not have good blood circulation in their body, so the blood that flows under the skin will not be clear and oxygen-rich blood will not be enough.

stress is harmful for your health

This makes the skin always look dark and dull. The secret of beauty and charm is in calmness and freshness and in the moment of living. Remember that many events with a positive outlook can end in the best way.

3-Use a garlic mask to whiten the skin

You may use garlic a little unpleasant because this food has a bad smell and of course, it is a little irritating, but it has a great effect on beauty. To reduce its burning, you can mix it with a little honey and then use it as a mask. In any case, if you see that you are allergic to it, do not do this because it may cause inflammation, blisters, and redness.

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4-Eat pineapple and use it as a mask

Pineapple has a lot of vitamin C and is able to eliminate brown spots and blemishes caused by aging skin. You can also make a salad with this fruit and serve it with lettuce and other vegetables. Incidentally, the salad will be very tasty and with a different taste.

For the sauce, you can use sour lemon juice and some grated garlic and Greek yogurt, because all these ingredients have whitening properties for the skin, and in fact, you have made a youthful concoction by making this salad.

5-Rub the egg white on your face

Egg white is a reservoir of protein and as you know proteins have a restorative and exfoliating role. This nutrient kills dead and damaged cells like a powerful exfoliator and encourages the skin to make collagen.

Collagen is the cause of skin rejuvenation. Beat an egg white well until it foams, then rubs it on the skin and leave it for half an hour, then wash with lukewarm water.

6-Use a starch mask

We mentioned above that sweet potatoes due to having a lot of starch make the skin white and clear. If you do not want to use potatoes or this is difficult for you, you can dissolve some starch in water and use a mask.

Starch may dry out the skin. Using fatty yogurt with starch solves this problem. The yogurt itself is a strong exfoliator and because it has a lot of calcium, it makes the skin soft, clear, and bright.

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7-Use whitewash

If you remember, the ancients used whitewash in the bath to remove dead skin cells. Doing this is very good and useful in the modern world today. Whitewashing in the bath causes dead cells to come out and the skin to be exfoliated. And younger cells develop.

8-Quit smoking and alcohol

One of the most important ways to take care of your facial skin is to quit smoking and avoid alcoholic beverages. You are probably aware of the general harms of these two to the body. Let’s take a look at their damaging effects on the skin:

  • Smoking has very destructive effects on the skin of the face and can cause yellow spots, wrinkles, and other signs of skin aging.
  • These two do not get enough blood and oxygen to the skin of the face.
  • Harmful effects of alcohol on the skin of the face include dimples, puffiness, and puffiness under the eyes, which are signs of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Alcohol consumption also causes dehydration.

9-Start using skin serums

“Skin serums are much stronger than leucine and creams, so with a small amount of these serums you can see results very quickly,” says Fran Cook-Bolden, director of dermatology in New York. Antioxidants protect the skin against free radicals and stress, and pentapeptides are a key factor in boosting collagen in the skin, giving it firmness and youth, so look for serums that contain both.

Skin serums usually contain very small molecular compounds that penetrate deep into the skin layers. For best results, use a good serum after washing your face thoroughly, and then apply sunscreen or moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

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10-Avoid hot water

Although a hot shower is enjoyable, especially in the cold season, a bath with hot or very hot water is one of the undisputed enemies of your skin. A hot shower may not only cause redness and subsequent skin burns, but also cause blood vessels to try to cool the skin, resulting in dizziness. “At the age of 20, your skin can return to normal within an hour of bathing. This process may take up to 2 hours at the age of 30, but at the age of 40, your skin is able to return to normal and resilient,” says Dr. Alexiadas Armanakas. “He is not old, so he will be more vulnerable.”


Skincare is a concern for many people, especially women and, of course, many men. No one likes to wake up one morning, look in the mirror and see how many new wrinkles have been added to the wrinkles or lines of the face. People usually do not like to remember their age. The first thing that scares them is to think about the aging of the face, let alone see that before reaching middle age, their face looks older than their actual age.

If you know some different notes which help to have better skin, share them with us.

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